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Fame House is an award-winning global agency with a modern approach to direct-to-fan digital marketing and merchandising. We build, manage, and activate online fan bases through a comprehensive service offering. With roots in the music industry, our team works with artists, labels, events, and brands to implement digital marketing and social media strategy to drive fan acquisition, engagement, and sales. We grow businesses and monetize audiences through the forward thinking use of technology. Since 2011, we have been critical behind-the-scenes partners to the most successful players in the music and entertainment industry, helping our clients navigate the ever-changing evolution into digital.


  • Eminem


  • Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga

  • Alicia Keys

    Alicia Keys

  • Pearl Jam

    Pearl Jam

  • Ice Cube

    Ice Cube

  • B.B. King

    B.B. King

  • Maroon 5

    Maroon 5

  • Blink 182

    Blink 182

  • 2Pac


  • DJ Shadow

    DJ Shadow

  • The Killers

    The Killers

  • Amanda Palmer

    Amanda Palmer

  • Phantogram


  • Parkwood Entertainment

    Parkwood Entertainment



  • Robin Schulz

    Robin Schulz

  • Mitchell & Ness

    Mitchell & Ness

  • Lance Stewart

    Lance Stewart

  • Shady Records

    Shady Records

  • Junkie XL

    Junkie XL

  • Now That’s What I Call Music!

    Now That’s What I Call Music!

  • Josh Wink

    Josh Wink

  • Disco Donnie Presents

    Disco Donnie Presents

  • REO Speedwagon

    REO Speedwagon

  • Oiid



  • Moosh & Twist

    Moosh & Twist

  • Live Nite Events

    Live Nite Events


Digital Strategy & Marketing

From high-level strategy all the way through execution, Fame House creates comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that put your business objectives at the core.

Social Media Management & Strategy‬

Fame House helps clients expertly target new fans and evolve social media dialogue to convert followers into loyal fans and customers. Utilizing best-of-breed social management dashboard and analytics systems, Fame House will build efficiencies for the ongoing measurement, analysis, and execution for your digital properties.

Creative Services‬‬, Design & Development‬

The in-house design, development, video, and copywriting team will craft the look, feel, and sound of your brand’s digital marketing materials so that it resonates with your core consumer.

Merchandise & Web Store Management‬‬‬

Fame House doesn’t subscribe to traditional, product-centric notions of merchandising. Instead the stores Fame House builds and manages are marketing driven to generate real increases in revenue. Merchandising is a long-term business, not just a way to make a quick buck.
  • Digital Strategy & Marketing
  • Social Media Management & Strategy
  • Creative Services, Design & Development
  • Merchandise & Web Store Management
Guns N’ Roses Merch

Guns N’ Roses Merch

Make America Rave Again

Make America Rave Again

Jeff Buckley’s Collection

Jeff Buckley’s Collection

UMG: SXSW Brand Activations

UMG: SXSW Brand Activations

2016 Video Reel

2016 Video Reel



Mitchell & Ness

Mitchell & Ness

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

Maroon 5

Maroon 5

Michael Fiebach Michael Fiebach
Michael Fiebach CEO, Founder
Eric Hahn Eric Hahn
Eric Hahn Chief Strategy Officer
Katonah Rafter Katonah Rafter
Katonah Rafter VP, Marketing
Sam Huntington Sam Huntington
Sam Huntington VP, Business Development & Client Relations
Adam Hechler Adam Hechler
Adam Hechler VP, Operations & Finance
Kirkland Lynch Kirkland Lynch
Kirkland Lynch Head of Legal
Dan Conway Dan Conway
Dan Conway Director, D2C
Carrie Paul Carrie Paul
Carrie Paul Art Director
Deb Keller Deb Keller
Deb Keller Senior Manager, Accounts
Nick Rizzuto Nick Rizzuto
Nick Rizzuto Senior Manager, Marketing & Strategy
Brian Aranda Brian Aranda
Brian Aranda Senior Manager, Data & Engagement
Lindsay Alexander Lindsay Alexander
Lindsay Alexander Senior Manager, E-Commerce
Marisa Velázquez-Rivas Marisa Velázquez-Rivas
Marisa Velázquez-Rivas Senior Designer
Ryan Hall Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall Account Manager
Mike Sacchetti Mike Sacchetti
Mike Sacchetti Account Manager
Gabe Coffey Gabe Coffey
Gabe Coffey Video Content Manager
Matt Chylak Matt Chylak
Matt Chylak Manager, Brand Partnerships
Adam Rappoport Adam Rappoport
Adam Rappoport Account Manager
Courtney Catagnus Courtney Catagnus
Courtney Catagnus Account Manager
Alex Ferguson Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson Marketing Manager
Kelly LaGreca Kelly LaGreca
Kelly LaGreca Paid Media Associate Manager
Kelsey Detweiler Kelsey Detweiler
Kelsey Detweiler Email Marketing Manager
Kevin Trester Kevin Trester
Kevin Trester E-Commerce Production Manager
Alex Ocko Alex Ocko
Alex Ocko A&R and Operations Coordinator
Sara McDougall Sara McDougall
Sara McDougall Designer
Alex Hines Alex Hines
Alex Hines Digital Marketer
Emily Levy Emily Levy
Emily Levy Digital Marketer
Diane Tamulavage Diane Tamulavage
Diane Tamulavage Digital Marketer
Schuyler Silverman Schuyler Silverman
Schuyler Silverman Digital Marketer
Beth Ann Downey Beth Ann Downey
Beth Ann Downey Digital Marketer
James Lee James Lee
James Lee Digital Marketer
Jake Prein Jake Prein
Jake Prein E-Commerce Specialist
Jordan Dash Jordan Dash
Jordan Dash Financial Analyst
Anna Gajian Anna Gajian
Anna Gajian Digital Marketer
Brittney Bomberger Brittney Bomberger
Brittney Bomberger Digital Marketer
Ally Vergato Ally Vergato
Ally Vergato E-Commerce Coordinator
Addie Meyer Addie Meyer
Addie Meyer D2C Accounts Coordinator
Zaakir Carter Zaakir Carter
Zaakir Carter Creative Project Coordinator
Andrea Castro Andrea Castro
Andrea Castro Customer Service Assistant
Tristan Santana Tristan Santana
Tristan Santana Video Assistant
Lauren Altman Lauren Altman
Lauren Altman Customer Service Assistant
Mary Clark Mary Clark
Mary Clark Administrative Assistant
Katie Hall Katie Hall
Katie Hall Customer Service Assistant
Tanner Beaudin Tanner Beaudin
Tanner Beaudin Customer Service Assistant
Brian Firestone Brian Firestone
Brian Firestone Customer Service Assistant
Erikka Rainey Erikka Rainey
Erikka Rainey Digital Marketing Assistant
Melanie Grinberg Melanie Grinberg
Melanie Grinberg Paid Media Assistant
Nala Nala
White Paper: The Fame House Stack

White Paper: The Fame House Stack

Today, we’ve released our latest white paper: The Fame House Stack. In it, we share some of the lesser known pieces of our music marketing and e-commerce stack in an effort to share our technology tools beyond our walls, and to open a dialogue with other marketers and artists about the tools they are using within the…

2 Fame House Campaigns Selected for Music Ally’s Best Music Marketing Campaigns

2 Fame House Campaigns Selected for Music Ally’s Best Music Marketing Campaigns

Two Fame House projects were selected by Music Ally for their annual year-end issue, “The Year’s Best Music Marketing Campaigns.” Our Make America Rave Again campaign, with Disco Donnie Presents, and award-winning, with Sony and the Jeff Buckley Estate, were among 40 campaigns featured from across the industry’s best:  Subscribe to Music Ally to see the full… Recognized by the W3 Awards, MarCom Awards, and Music Ally Recognized by the W3 Awards, MarCom Awards, and Music Ally

From Bob Dylan to Sly and The Family Stone, Jeff Buckley amassed an eclectic record collection through the years. Fame House partnered with the Jeff Buckley Estate and Sony to bring his record collection to life through an interactive website. The project’s launch was covered by Fast Company, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Mashable, Entertainment Weekly, Noisey, The AV…

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