Fame House and WeHeartIt – Breaking Through the Social Clutter with Beauty

Fame House and WeHeartIt – Breaking Through the Social Clutter with Beauty

What if there was a social network free of trolling, negativity, and was solely focused on the positive side of people’s everyday lives? — This social network exists, and it is called We Heart It.
What is social media to you? Is it text? Is it video? I think most people think of strong visual elements. Well, We Heart It certainly has that nailed.

Mostly female with a strong millennial core, this platform is unique in both its user base and its functionality. We Heart It’s users are a uniquely passionate, expressive group, using the platform primarily to share photos and other imagery (videos, quotes, etc.) that inspire them or that they feel represent their identity.

On a functionality level, it’s the feature We Heart It chose not to build that differentiates it so substantially from all other popular social networks: comments.

This stroke of genius in developing the platform effectively prevents any negative feedback on others’ posts, only “hearts;” it’s a virtually bully-proof network. It also created an environment where users express themselves entirely through visuals—no words are needed. This truly unique atmosphere is a great outlet for visually-driven millennial women, and the reason why they love the network so much: We Heart It is all about celebrating individuality and the beauty in their lives.

For Fame House, as a cutting-edge digital marketing company heavily focused on festival marketing as a part of the SFX Entertainment family, this is the perfect platform to help augment our social strategy. The proof is in the results so far for our account for TomorrowWorld:
19,825 re-hearts earned from other users
18,535 hearts earned on images uploaded from tomorrowworld.com

Fame House and SFX are proud to be on the early cutting-edge of helping grow our clients’ brands through this new and quickly growing social network. The consumers we are marketing to for the world-renowned events we represent are all about peace, love and music- and that seems to be very much in-line with the positive and one-of-a-kind social atmosphere of WeHeartIt.

-Michael Fiebach, Founder & CEO, Fame House

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