Fame House’s Hisham Dahud is on tour with CNTRL: Beyond EDM, a 17-city college tour across North America educating students about the origins and future of electronic music, with lectures by day and concerts at night featuring some of the genre’s pioneers including Richie HawtinLoco DiceEan Golden and more. These are his stories from behind the scenes.

When I was first ordained in charge of social media execution for the CNTRL tour, the only social channel that had been established was a Facebook page. While this made perfect sense considering the biggest party is still going on at Facebook (in terms of reach), electronic music fans tend to be a bit more versed on social media and generally prefer to engage across multiple platforms, seeking different experiences while being part of different communities.

I decided to then incorporate two other primary social media platforms in Twitter and Instagram; however, there would be no point in setting up those channels if there were going to exist merely for the sake of existing. We had to give people specific reasons for following each network separately, and yet, had to figure out a way to ensure that they each worked together symbiotically.

With that in mind, the social media trifecta behind the CNTRL: Beyond EDM tour looks and functions like this:


While this naturally resides as our primary messaging hub, this channel also exists as the place for fans to absorb high-quality real time content. This includes high-resolution photography of daytime lectures and evening concerts, links to all of our live streams (which occur from the tour bus and at the venues), plus other items that are each provided in real time. So for instance, I will be on stage during a performance and once a new DJ takes to the decks, fans will get a nice photo (not from a phone) of them doing so, taken just seconds before the post.

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Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 12.05.59 AM

To cross-pollinate the other two social networks, we also provide teasers from Facebook to the other happenings at the other networks in order to entice fans to hang out there also:

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Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 12.04.37 AM


This is where we hold an ongoing conversation with fans surrounding the CNTRL tour. In addition to general updates of events and artist related items, Twitter is used as a real time conversation tool delivering valuable insights and engagements for those unable to attend our university lectures. During the lectures, key quotes are being fed through our Twitter account where non-attendees can follow along with the discussion, and can even participate with the discussions. I post only one quote per day to Facebook (accompanied by a rich photograph), but they need to follow us on Twitter in order to catch the entire conversation there.

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Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 12.55.59 AM

Both attending and non-attending fans become a part of it by using the #CNTRL hashtag on Twitter to submit questions to the panelists or chat amongst themselves:

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Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 12.57.27 AM


With Instagram, I decided that I didn’t want to overlap the content experience by reposting photos from Facebook, which while high in quality, defeats the purpose of a mobile user experience. Instead, each follower to the CNTRL Instagram receives “insider access” to life with the cast and crew of the CNTRL tour. These include the more personal, intimate and “backstage” access photos that fans would find interesting such as going out to dinner with the artists, being behind the DJ booth, hanging out on the tour bus –  anything to make them feel as though they are going along for the ride behind the scenes. And since my phone is on me wherever I go, I’m much more available to respond and provide that insider access. This property pretty much wraps a bow around the CNTRL tour for fans, to provide them with a complete and transparent experience by showing them all sides of the tour.

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Photo (15)Photo (16)

The takeaway: To properly engage with fans across the various social media channels out there, it isn’t as simple as cutting and pasting messages across all the platforms. You can’t be there for the sake of being there, otherwise you’re missing the point. You need to offer compelling reasons as to why one wouldwant to follow you there in the first place. This is why I do not believe in linking accounts together (auto-posting to Twitter from Facebook, etc). If I follow you on Facebook and I see that you post the same stuff to Twitter, why would I waste valuable feed space for redundant messaging? It looks lazy, impersonal, and you’re simply not speaking the language of the community.

The more value you provide in each network, the more fans will stick around, engage, and share your content  – which only reinforces your brand perception and reputation.

-Hisham Dahud, Digital Strategy and Social Media Director