2014 – The Year of Consumption (R)evolution

2014 – The Year of Consumption (R)evolution

In 2013 we saw social media continue to grow, with new platforms emerging, and existing ones evolving. Additionally, as Fame House predicted in 2012, digital marketing and digital management have become increasingly important for artists, labels, brands, and managers. With the plethora of tools out there, music teams need a comprehensive and well-thought digital strategy to be successful, as well as the engine room (the people) that have the expertise and skills to bring that strategy to life.

All of this will continue. As the proliferation of online tools continues, and the importance of digital fan bases and communities grows, so will the need for the human resources that manage and market to those communities.

However, this year, is the year of the Consumption (R)evolution.

What does this mean? It means the continued (but specifically significant this year) paradigm shift in how humans find, share, and regularly consume music. This shift began years ago with the introduction of downloads (first) and then streaming music. This year we will see significant improvements and changes in how the streaming music services interact with their consumers, and how consumers react and adapt to those changes, and subsequently, how artists and their teams use these streaming services to interact with their fans.

Stay tuned.

Michael Fiebach, Founder & CEO

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